We talk about losing weight all the time, but when we muster all the courage and start following the rules to lead a healthy life, we never really get quite the results we hope for. It’s rather strange how even after knowing the mantra to lose weight, most of the times, we fail. All the diets, workout routines, calorie count combined, and you still find yourself unable to shed those stubborn pounds. All this is so frustrating that you start thinking that it will stay the same forever and you’ll never be able to lose weight.

At Houston Weight Loss our experts suggest that you must analyze your routine.

There are plenty of reasons why you could still be facing difficulty in achieving your weight loss goals.

Be Realistic

When it comes to losing weight, nothing hurts more than your own expectations. But you must realize that the weight that you have gained in years will not vanish within a month or so. Moreover, achieving a drastic change is only possible through extreme workout, and if it’s not something you can do or want to do, then you must go with your own pace. The results vary depending on the methods you choose.

Another important thing to remember is that weight loss works differently for everyone. Your metabolic rate, eating habits, your lifestyle, all play major roles. And thus, you should only hope for the results that go along with them.

Insufficient Nutrition

Diets are supposed to cut out calories but when they begin to cut out nutrition, they do more damage than good.  Your body needs a whole lot of proteins, carbs, fat and vitamins in order to function properly. Lacking any of these can cause your body mechanism to prevent the body from losing weight. So while you were sticking to your diet, you could actually be sticking to your weight.

Wrong Workout

Contrary to popular belief, working out isn’t just a tool for weight loss. Work outs are different and target different functions. Workout routines for weight loss must be outlined after consulting with the experts. At Houston Weight Loss, we offer consultation to patients and help them choose the right kind of workout routines.

Another thing to keep in mind is choosing a workout that you love. That is the only key to working out regularly. Choose aerobics, dancing, jogging, hiking or whatever makes you feel excited about getting out of your room daily.

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Check Out Your Meals

You may find it hard to believe but you actually eat more than you think. It is because you never felt it important to check every bite that you take. For instance, if you are having oats with fruits, you think that you are eating healthy but you should check the number of calories you are consuming, how much sugar and fat it is containing etc.

Doing that for a week or so will make you understand where you can reduce and which food had more sugar or fat than you thought.

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We are sure that these measures will help you immensely and you’ll soon start to see the results. But if you still feel that these can’t help you, bariatric advancement can help you. At Houston Weight Loss, we offer free consultation services to patients who are considering weight loss surgeries. We also offer workout regimens and meal planners for patients post their surgeries.

If you need any help with weight loss, feel free to give us a call anytime.

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