There comes a certain point in your life where nothing matters more than losing that stubborn weight. And those times become worse when despite playing by the book, you are unable to lose weight. The desperation you experience while all your efforts go down the drain, makes you think one thing, where are you going wrong?

At Houston Weight Loss, we often come across patients who come to us worried, asking why they are still weighing the same on the scales. They further insist that they are following a strict diet, eating only healthy and their calorie count is really low. In order to provide an insightful explanation, our dieticians have listed the following mistakes which would definitely surprise you.

1.     From Low Calorie to Overeating

In the quest of reaching the ideal weight, people often limit their calorie consumption to a point where their metabolism slows down. In response to that, your hunger hormones start sending you wrong signals and you end up eating more than necessary.

The solution to this problem is somehow easier, just stop pushing yourself to the edge. The good and bad foods are only concepts, unless you lose control. So listen to your body needs, eat according to necessity and you won’t have to be hard on yourself. Moreover, it will keep your system balanced and you will continue to lose weight eventually.

2.     Simplify Foods

Switching to a bland, tasteless food is not the road to weight loss. Eating simple, well-balanced and fresh foods would do just the trick. Fresh fruit salad, a teaspoon of honey on top, sprinkled with a little chopped up almonds is not just a healthy bowl but also a treat for your eyes.


3.     Watch Your Food

For everything you eat, watch it. A glass of grape juice contains way more calories than two bunches of grapes but it is not as filling as the real deal. So next time your throat gets dry, drink water and eat your fruits.

4.     Leave Stress Out Of The Equation!

This one is super important. No matter how much you try to achieve your weight loss goals, if you are stressing too much about the results, chances are, you’ll never see them.

So eat healthy, drink plenty of water and most importantly, stay as happy as you can. A positive attitude can lead to a healthy life.

5.     Quality Sleep Is More Important Than You Think

Yes, your sleep plays a major role in all your body functions, even weight loss. 8 hours sleep is the recommended amount of sleep for a fresh morning. In that order, if you are not sleeping well, your day would be lethargic, dizzy and unpleasant. In such a mood, you’d crave sugar more than usual which would only add to the weight.

Hence if you are not sleeping enough, no healthy diet would be able to make you slim.

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