Weight loss surgery options are very much in discussion these days. People considering weight loss through surgery must have heard about the Gastric Bypass surgery, specifically because it’s very effective when it comes to substantial weight loss. But the recent studies have thrown light on yet another interesting fact about the procedure. Patients with type 2 diabetes can benefit from gastric bypass, the studies further found out that the candidates for bariatric surgery can get better results by opting for it earlier instead of later. At Houston Weight Loss, we also suggest our patients to get in touch with us for a free bariatric consultation as soon as possible.

Latest Research

A latest research was conducted and the participants comprised of two groups. One of the group members aged between 18 to 19 years and the other group members were adults. Both group members had a gastric bypass surgery and they were all observed for the period of 5 years. The initial findings suggest almost 30% weight loss from overall body weight. Apart from that being a prominent weight loss, both the groups were able to lower the dose of their diabetes or high blood pressure medicines. Although this benefit was shared by both groups, where most of the adults were able to get rid of their medications after 5 years, all of the youngsters stopped using their medicines altogether.

Results Distinction

The concluded results from the studies showed that gastric bypass proved to be a great tool in aiding weight loss and other health improvements but they also made a clear distinction. People in younger age, facing severe obesity can have greater benefits than those who wait long enough to make the results far-reaching and difficult to achieve. As long as someone is a candidate, it’s better to opt for a bariatric surgery earlier than stretching it to years of suffering and struggle.

How Gastric Bypass Helps?

Mostly by reducing the size of the stomach and making the patients feel full earlier than they actually are, but also by changing the body’s hormonal scheme as well. The above mentioned study also proves that gastric bypass isn’t just helpful in weight loss because of stomach size reduction but the surgery cause change in hormones which subsequently make changes in diabetes and blood pressure levels.

Why We Encourage It?

Well, at Houston Weight Loss, our experts constantly research the best ways to combat obesity. And in doing so, we come across many findings, one of them being that around 80% of excess weight can be eliminated with the help of gastric bypass surgery. This is why, we encourage you to get your appointment for a free bariatric consultation and see if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery. And if all things go well, we recommend choosing it earlier, especially in the light of the findings of the recent study.

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