No matter how much we claim to understand and predict the possible dangers associated with obesity, the reality is, more and more people are reportedly suffering from chronic obesity. At Houston Weight Loss, our doctors believe that with aging and other contributing factors through the course of life, you can still gain your weight back even if you have had bariatric surgery.

And in case, your first bariatric surgery failed to provide you the weight loss results that you were hoping for, or you had stomach issues, a Revision Bariatric Surgery at Houston Weight Loss is always a good option.

And when is the right time to consider a revision surgery? Let’s hear the most common reasons from our experts.

Old Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band was one of the most popular and effective way of reducing weight a few years ago. But with Lap Band getting loose or out of place, digestive disorders including vomiting and acid reflux could occur and cause further complications, making it impossible for the patient to attain weight loss goals.

In all the above instances, weight gain is inevitable. If all this sounds similar to you, then you might be the right candidate for a revision bariatric surgery.

Acid Reflux Post Gastric Sleeve

The function of the gastric sleeve is to reduce your stomach to 80% of its actual size. However, in some cases, patients experience chronic acid reflux. Although doctors suggest a healthy diet and lifestyle to keep the acid reflux at bay, but even after following the instructions, you still suffer from the same issues, a revision surgery might be the ultimate solution for you.

Our weight loss experts, with the help of the most modern equipment and proficient skills, can adjust the size of your sleeve and help you get rid of all the severe issues you are facing.

Evaluate Diet And Workout Routine

Before moving on to the conclusion of opting for a revision surgery, you must consult your doctors for your diet and exercise schedule. At Houston Weight Loss, we can help you in determining the cause of the difficulties you are having in attaining your weight loss objectives. We can also provide you with a diet planner, and the workout regimen aligned with your surgery and your weight loss goals.

Come And Meet The Experts!

If you are committed to making lifestyle changes, and a revision bariatric surgery is only a step towards your long term plan, then we are here for your assistance. Visit Houston Weight Loss or give us a call for booking your free consultation today.

If you believe a revision weight-loss surgery can help you continue your path to a healthier lifestyle, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wadiwala. Together you can discuss your concerns and decide if weight-loss revision surgery is the ideal way to move forward.

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