When you love pizza, you just love it and you can crave it anytime. Thin crust, authentic toppings, and lavish cheese, all make it a perfect dish. But this arguably favorite dish of millions on the planet doesn’t just have taste and spices, it also has a lot of calories, even just one piece is hundreds of calories. And this is the reason why pizza is not allowed when you have just undergone a gastric bypass surgery. With its abundant calories, you can’t have it post a gastric bypass surgery, especially in the first few months.

Eating Pizza After Weight Loss Surgery

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave pizza forever. What matters here is that you must check out its nutritional value. Pizza contains sugar. The dough also has a lot of carbs and when you are consuming a pizza, you must go for a more protein, low carb option. You can either pick a vegie pizza with lots of vegetables including tomatoes, onions, olives, and spinach. Low carb doughs are great for keeping the weight off. So yeah, you can have pizza but you’ll have to personalize it according to your weight goals.

A gastric bypass surgery changes your digestive system drastically. It also affects the way your body absorbs nutrients. After this surgery, you’ll have to be careful before introducing such foods into your diet plan.

When Can I Eat Pizza After A Gastric Bypass Surgery?

To avoid any complications, it is crucial for you to stick to the diet plan your doctor has given to you. Your dietician understands how your body reacts and recovers after such a change and therefore, such a diet plan will help you lose weight in a gradual yet persistent manner.

The key here is to go with your weight loss diet because hormonal changes will make you feel fuller quickly. Soon you will experience reduced cravings and once you start including soft foods in your diet, you’ll adapt to the digestive changes easily. Going systematically will eventually bring a healthier pizza back on the menu without you feeling any discomfort.

If you have undergone gastric bypass surgery and need help with meal planning, we can help you. Our dieticians have helped hundreds of patients in achieving their weight loss goals and they can do the same for you.

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