Getting ready for a surgical process is more psychological than physical. If you can’t prepare your mind to make the necessary changes, you are actually not up for the challenge. A weight loss management appointment at Houston weight loss is the beginning of your weight loss journey under the guidance of our dieticians.

The pre-operative nutrition evaluation allows our diet experts to determine the changes that you need to make in your eating habits and food item selection. With this pre-analysis, we make it easier for you to adjust with your post-operative diet subsequently helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.

So the following steps will be the part of our weight loss management appointment:

A One-on-One Session With The Experts

You’ll get a one-on-one meeting session with Houston Weight Loss dietician.

A Q/A Session

You’ll be asked questions about your weight loss history, eating habits, workouts.

A Food Diary

After the Q/A session, you’ll be asked to keep track of your daily meals by keeping a food diary. This will enable him to understand your dietary progression, fluid intake, body requirements of vitamin supplements and your post-operative principles will be laid down on the basis of the results.

Further Appointment

After all the necessary steps, our experts will review the results with you, discuss and present the possibilities with you and will ask you to bring your food diary for your weight loss surgery appointment.

An important point that we want all our patients to remember is the insurance approval. You must have the approval to schedule your weight loss surgery. Moreover, you could also be asked by your insurance provider to have a three to six month weight management plan prior to your surgery.

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