“What Shouldn’t I eat?”

It’s a question that every patient asks after a lap band surgery. While there are certain foods that you should avoid, we can help you with planning your diets without ever feeling restricted. Continue reading to find out more.

What To Know After A Lap Band Surgery?

Although every bariatric surgery comes with some sort of limits, a post-lap-band diet is slightly different. It is because in Lap-Band, there is no permanent alteration in the digestive system.

Small Portions

Smaller meals are recommended as patients with a lap band cannot eat only in smaller portions. With the stomach size reduced, you can have meals that keep you full but not to the point where it stretches your stomach. Speaking of the portions, they should be the size of your fist and not more.

Frequent Meals

Since you’re eating smaller portions, you must consume 5 to 6 meals a day. This is to ensure that your digestion remains optimal while you also get your daily nutritional value effectively.

Avoid Fats

Fatty and oily foods can increase calories in your meals, this is why you shouldn’t consume fried items after your lap-band surgery.

Say Yes To Protein

Protein will stay on top of the list when it comes to your diet. Always include fish, poultry, lentils, and beans.

Say No To Fizzy Drinks/Alcohol

Carbonated drinks have lot of added sugar and even when they don’t, they still can cause gas/bloating which is not ideal for your stomach.

How To Cook

When it comes to meal preparation, you must keep in mind that consistency is the key to staying on track. That includes your diet. For that, there are a few tips that you can follow.

  • Always prepare your meals in bulk. When there’s nothing in your freezer, you’ll definitely have to go with other options which might not be as healthy for you. Moreover, you’re eating in smaller portions and only you know how much you need every time. So, preparing in bulk will save you from overeating.
  • More veggies. Vegetables are loaded with nutrients, water, and fiber, but they are also low in calories. This is why they are ideal for weight loss.
  • Soups are your best friends. You can make them in advance, just warm them up and enjoy. Soups are nutritious, fulfilling, and prevent dehydration by giving you enough fluids.

We hope that the tips we shared above will prove to be helpful to you. In case you need to learn more about our services, we also offer post-bariatric care, including meal planning. You can always contact us and book your free bariatric consultation with us.

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