The past two decades have seen the immense efficacy of weight loss surgeries. From weight loss to a healthy lifestyle, weight loss surgeries truly are life savers for millions affected deeply by obesity. But weight loss surgeries are not for everyone.

In order to check whether you are a candidate for weight loss surgery or not, you must consult with a bariatric surgeon. Houston Weight Loss Center offers specialized consultancy services to patients looking for weight loss solutions. Their bariatric experts evaluate the patients in order to determine their candidacy for weight loss surgeries.

Who Qualifies As A Candidate

Although it’s highly advisable to consult a weight loss specialist for candidacy analysis, there are certain requirements to qualify for a bariatric treatment:

The BMI Count

Your Body Mass Index or BMI must be at least 35, and if you have a medical condition such as Hypertension, Sleep Apnea, type-2 Diabetes, Cancer, cardiovascular diseases or fatty liver disease caused by morbid obesity, you must definitely have a BMI of 30 to 35.


Although age is just a number but, for a weight loss surgery, you must be above 18 and under 65.

Mentally Prepared For The Change

Weight loss procedures are genuinely effective but they demand the patients to make permanent changes in habits, lifestyles and routines. And if a person is not psychologically ready to make those changes, they are not considered to be the right fit for a weight loss procedure.

Weight Loss Treatment Is Your Last Resort

You are a candidate for a weight loss treatment only if you have tried diets, workouts and supplements and still haven’t achieved desired results.

No Addiction

It is vital for weight loss treatments that you have no sort of addiction. A drug addict or an alcoholic can’t be the candidate for weight loss.

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