Isn’t it ironic how weight loss as a concept is very tempting but we have to give up all our temptations to finally reach the other end? Well, yes, but that’s not entirely true in the modern world. Moderation is the key to change your life, not going crazy over a certain diet or a workout routine. According to psychologists, another aspect that hinders our progress is the way we think and express our thoughts. As a matter of fact, our own words and thoughts play a much bigger role than of those around us.

Where Do You Go Wrong?

Well, a lot of places but setting yourself on the path is undeniably the hardest but it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of self-pity and despair, choose something different. However, what most people keep on doing is that they repeat the same sentences again and again in their minds, and then it’s nothing, the misery never ends. So, change it, change the beginning. How? Let’s see.

You’re In Control

No matter what happens in your life, you just have to say one thing daily, I am in control. Of course, you are not responsible for natural disasters or a rise in the electricity prices but you are definitely in control of how you live your life. That pizza you love so much you can’t resist eating three slices in a row is actually something you can stop at one slice. It’s just something that you told yourself, it’s not that hard in actuality.

Stop Hating Yourself

This is very important. You can’t do anything for yourself until you love yourself. Yes, and every part of it. You just can’t punish yourself for some numbers on a scale. In fact, you can only lose weight when you’ll love yourself enough to make a change.

Don’t Overstress

Being overweight is exhausting, but again, turning it into a giant ball of intertwined stressful thoughts will do more harm than good. So, for a change, start taking things lightly, like one step at a time.

Go Easy

Even with food? Especially, with food. Remember the moderation thing we talked about. You can have days where you’ll probably eat more than necessary but that’s ok because then there will also be days where you won’t feel like eating at all. And that’s ok.

Meal Planning

If you have undergone a bariatric surgery and have no clue about eating healthy as old habits die hard, you can always consult a nutrition expert. At Houston Weight Loss, our nutritionists can help you with a meal planner specifically tailored to your weight loss goals and health issues.

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