A weight-loss journey can be many things. Some days you might feel anxious, unmotivated, other days, you hop on the scale, see a drop, and you feel motivated again. However, scale fluctuations can also be due to water weight. In fact, most of the time what we lose is water weight and not fat. To understand the dynamics of weight loss better, you must understand a few things.

Your body weight comprises three things, water, muscle, and fat. It may come as a surprise to you but water accounts for 60 % of your weight. It is possible to lose 4 to 5 pounds of water in a day whereas it is almost impossible to lose one pound of fat in just one day. The amount of calories you need to burn to lose one pound of pure fat, is truly insane(over 4000).

Water Weight Goes Off Faster

Whenever you cut on calories, especially carbs, start eating healthy, or exercise, your body starts searching for energy in the form of glycogen. Your body stores water to keep glycogen in the liver and the skeletal muscles, and when it goes for the glycogen reserve, water is lost. This is the same reason that when you exercise, you lose more water weight with sweat. This doesn’t mean that you don’t lose fat but the rate is slower.

Why We Lose Water Weight?

Cutting Carbs

Eating low carb diets cause water weight loss because glycogen is stored with extra water and when we stop eating foods that convert into energy, it can eliminate water retention.

High Protein Diet

When you eat more protein, the breakdown creates urea and nitrogenous compounds which ultimately need more water to excrete out of the body. Thus, you lose more water weight.


Sodium is directly proportional to water retention. Your body needs more water to flush out excess sodium out of the body. High sodium diet is also a cause of hypertension. Therefore, it’s best to eat less salt for both water weight loss and your overall health.


When you engage in a physical activity, your body temperature rises, your heart rate goes up and you sweat. Another way of losing water weight. However, keep in mind that excessive water loss can cause dehydration. It is due to this reason why athletes keep track of their pre and post cardio fluid intake.

It is undeniable that water weight makes you disgusted. You feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Luckily you can use all of the above ways to keep your water weight away. However, always remember to stay hydrated as dehydration can be dangerous for your health.

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