We all have New Year resolutions that we renew every year but accomplish nothing. However,
2020 is different. Not just because it’s the same as the 2020 vision but also because things have
reached a level of advancement that cannot be pushed back. Also, when it comes to fitness and
health, people are tending to get back to some basic yet humanly possible solutions. If you are
all set to follow the new health trends of 2020, let us help you get ready in advance.

Working Out Is Easy

That’s not a stretch and definitely not like earlier. With workout apps, fitness channels and live
sessions, working out now doesn’t require you to hit the gym. It’s as simple as watching your
favorite dance show and trying to follow the steps.
Houston Weight Loss also offers its patients with a post bariatric exercise regimen. The regimen
is formulated after doing the background check on the patient, his current health condition and
the surgery he underwent.

Diet Moderation

We all take diet to be an extremely difficult eating routine to follow. That idea was absurd and
practically not worth following. Well, this year’s mantra is flexible and moderate. As long as you
are not hurting your digestive system and you are keeping things under control, you can eat a
little of everything. From whole grains to healthy fruits, from smoothies to patties, you can have
a healthy way of navigating them through your stomach.
At Houston Weight Loss, we too, have the same approach towards diet. Our special diet plans
for our patients are established keeping in view their choices, preference, health issues, and of
course, weight loss goals.

Happy Marathons

Get together with your family and friends for a happy hiking adventure. It doesn’t have to be
tough but it must be regular. You can also set up races that are friendly and can familiarize your
children with the idea of staying healthy through activities as well.

Beauty Sleep

We all are aware of the term but the sleep we are going to experience this year will set the mood
for a relaxing and health boosting sleep. Special bulbs, calming lights and airy environment will
have a huge impact on your sleep and your health as well.

Walk More

As much as we are tempted to buy new cars, more walking is the call of the time. By walking
more, we encourage our systems to work better, allowing better blood flow and vice versa. This
also aids in weight loss, reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart diseases.

Smart Wearables

We live in smart houses, this is how much technology has evolved. But high tech watches and
fitness bands are the best products for keeping up with the recommended fitness schedule. You
can watch how much you walked, you ate, even your calorie intake and reminders on when you
have to go for the next sports session.

Bariatric Surgeries

Although these are not new yet there have been multiple advancements in the field. Minimally
invasive and non-invasive methods are now more in practice and have extremely beneficial

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If you have been struggling with losing weight, trying the above trends of 2020 can surely make
you stay fit. For a free bariatric consultation, diet plan or exercise regimen,

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