Working out is beneficial and addictive. It’s absolutely amazing how it makes your body feel. But just like those long winter gloomy days, we lack motivation on hot sweaty days. Besides, heat plays a huge factor in increasing exertion. Moreover, it can be destructive for your health and double the risk of dehydration.

However, if you are a fitness freak and you should be, then we’ve gathered some very useful tips to workout safely in this summer.

Become An Early Bird

So, first thing’s first, pick a time that’s relatively cooler. No matter whether you opt for running, biking, indoor exercises, strength training, wake up early and fix a routine before 10 am. If you are accustomed of long walks, try to go for them after 4 pm. This is because the sunrays are brightest between 10 am to 4 pm. Therefore, picking a time before and after the heat zone will save you from getting extra drained.

Be Organized

Planning things in advance is the key to accomplish more. So, when you are planning your workout, make sure that you prioritize it even if it means making a journal with daily entries. Apart from that, you can do a little mix up. Maybe pick your laundry while going out for a jog, or grab your morning coffee after hiking. Possibilities are there, you just have to be creative.

Pick The Right Clothing

This is super important as airy and comfy sportswear is more than essential to beat the heat. Such an outfit will allow you to focus more on your form, perform your exercises easily and stay cool.

Wear Sunscreen

Sun protection is crucial regardless of the season. But in summers, the scorching rays can damage your skin even more. Remember, applying sunscreen on your exposed skin including your face, arms and legs can save you from sunburns, irritation, and prevent skin cancer too.

When it comes to choosing a sunscreen, pick one after consulting with your dermatologist. Normally, a sunblock with an SPF of over 30 is recommended. But again, asking an expert is always better.

If you have had a bariatric surgery recently and you don’t have an exercise regime yet, we can provide you with one. Our experts create meal planners, exercise regimens for patients aligned with their specific goals and health conditions.

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