The pandemic has left us with many questions, lessons and self-preventive measures for life. We just can’t hope to go it all away in just a matter of days as the infection is more potent than we assumed it to be. At Houston Weight Loss, we care about your health and well-being which is why we have listed a few things below which you should avoid even after things start to get back to normal.

Don’t Go Out Without A Mask

Although most of us hate the idea of going out with a mask on their nose blocking the path of air, it is certainly not wise to completely let off your guard even after the lockdown. The Corona virus incubation period is around two weeks and there is no way to know which person is an asymptomatic carrier. So, it’s best to keep your mask on for as long as you can.

Wash Your Hands Often

Yes, this is a habit you must develop for life, going out and coming home, just wash your hands. And do that for at least 20 seconds.

Avoid Unnecessary Gatherings

Don’t go to a place where you don’t really need to go. Shopping malls, café’s and restaurants are surely tempting but they’re open for everyone, even those who got cured from the infection or those who are sensitive to it.

Don’t Start Partying

We know you’ve missed this, hitting the bars, partying with friends, but this can wait. If it’s your health at stake, anything can wait. Keeping the virus from spreading is the only duty you have to fulfill even after the lockdown and quarantine.

Don’t Let Obesity Put You Down

If quarantine hasn’t been easier on you and you have gained quite a lot of weight, you can use this ease to relax your mind and make healthier changes in your life. Going out for an early morning walk or light jog. Getting fresh air in the park and eating healthier diet should be on top now. As you can now go to market, buy fresh vegetables and fruits and prepare your meals in a healthy way.

And if obesity is making your life miserable, give us a call and we can suggest a relevant solution for you. We can even arrange a free bariatric consultation in a safe and hygienic environment.

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