You often hear people talk about giving up carbs when they’re trying to lose weight. But are carbs really that bad? Of course, refined carbs such as bread, pasta and rice are not as healthy as raw vegetables and fruits, but those are not the only carbs we are supposed to have.

So what are carbohydrates? They are macronutrients, a major part of our diet. Carbs are essential for fuelling energy into the body. And cutting them completely out of the diet can cause many deficiencies in the body. Now you might be thinking if carbs are that important why do so many people abandon them. We’ll, it’s because of the misconceptions they have.

In this article, our experts will debunk all the myths about carbs.

Carbs Are Only Bread And Pasta

Bread and pasta do have carbs but carbs are not only present in them. Refined carbs are not good but good carbs like the ones in veggies, nuts and fruits are a great source of energy, vitamins, fiber and minerals. So even when you are stopped from consuming refined carbs, you can still have healthy carbs.

Carbs Are Bad

Not all carbs are same and neither are they all bad. Surely, starchy and refined carbs can make you gain weight but healthy carbs are essential. Veggies, fruits and seeds are full of nutrients including carbohydrates, minerals and fibre.

Carbs Increase Weight

Your weight increases when it stores more fat than it can burn. And it can store more fat when you eat excessively without engaging in physical activities. So excess of anything is bad. No matter what you eat, just eat in moderation, even carbs. And nothing bad will happen to your body.

Carbs Affect Blood Sugar Levels

According to a study conducted in 2014, a group of vegan people who consumed a high fibre and high carb diet, saw a drop in their blood sugar levels and lost weight considerably. Their sugar levels didn’t drop too low and which allowed the sugar in the bloodstream to digest food. Hence, choosing healthy carbs isn’t something you should stay afraid of.

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