Apart from being severely unrealistic at times, another major problem with dieting is that as soon as you stop following the schedule, the weight comes back. According to new researches, sticking to a diet isn’t healthy and can have adverse effects on your metabolism. Well, that doesn’t mean you should stop caring about your health. In fact, there are plenty of foods out there which are full of nourishment and health boosting agents. These foods also suppress your urge to munch on snacks while simultaneously taking care of your body needs.

So what’s the real secret? Like any other routine, it’s consistency. Once you allow yourself to get in the habit of eating healthy foods, you’ll be able to sustain a healthy, suitable weight and lifestyle.

Protein Rich Foods

You must have heard people talking about protein diets and the truth is, protein really is the key ingredient for so many health benefits. Your body begins to lose muscle mass after 30 years of age which in turn slows down your digestion. Protein rich foods are great for muscular strength, mass and eliminating body fat.

Another study revealed that protein based diets keep you full for longer. And people who consume protein rich foods don’t get hungry as often as with other low caloric diets.

So what should you eat, start with eggs, scrambled with brown toasts. Green vegetables, Greek Yogurt, poultry and even cheese. You can set up your portions according to your own schedule.

High Fiber

Ever heard of good bacteria and how they are good for your gut? This is what will help. A low caloric high fiber food, according to microbiologists, is something that aids is weight loss and long term weight management. Foods with soluble fiber are really great for keeping you full for longer and also promoting good bacteria in your gut.

Some of the high fiber foods that are great for your health include beans, chickpeas, barley, strawberries, oranges, grapefruits, oatmeal, green peas and even potatoes.

Diverse Foods

It is also significant to keep in mind that our bodies are different with different needs. Therefore, fulfilling the needs of the body with a perfect balance is crucial. For example if you are going for a high fiber content, balancing it with fermented foods is the key. Using sour cream, kefir, buttermilk, foods with live culture along with fiber enriched foods will do the job right for you.

However, if you are looking for a post or pre-bariatric customized diet plan, Houston Weight Loss’s dieticians can do that for you. Our health experts will curate a special chart for you keeping your health conditions under consideration along with your weight loss goals.

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