Considering weight loss surgery in this era is a fix. With so many options out there, you just can’t pick one on your own, especially, if you are not aware of the impact they can bring on your body and your life. Weight loss or bariatric surgeries have been around for quite a while now, balloons, on the other hand, are relatively newer. A major difference is that balloon is a non-surgical option is known to be an effective weight loss aid. They are FDA approved and can stay for up to 6 months in the body. Our wide range of services include both the options and if you are looking to choose between surgery and balloon, the following facts will be helpful in making a decision.

Temporary Or Permanent

A bariatric surgery is permanent and is usually recommended for people who have tried every other way to lose weight but haven’t succeed. A balloon can only stay in your body for a specific period of 6 months so that you can control your hunger, make lifestyle changes and learn to manage them after the removal of the balloon. So patients who are looking for a temporary solution or want to achieve fast results without making any substantial change in their bodies, they can opt for a balloon. After all, your best friend’s wedding is worth the effort. But a more permanent change can only be acquired through bariatric surgery, such as liposuction or gastric sleeve.

Cost And Insurance

While we can say that balloons are revolutionary and easy, they are not covered by insurance. Although a bariatric surgery will cost a lot more than the balloon but in the case of the former, most of the cost will be covered by the insurance. Selecting the balloon device will ultimately lead you to one option only, you’ll have to pay for the whole process. At Houston Weight Loss, we can guide you through all the details of the expenses and vice versa, we can also evaluate your options under the supervision of our experts.

Preparations For The Procedure

In the event of going for a surgery, you’ll have to come to the hospital a few hours earlier, you’ll be given a deeper anesthesia, there might be tests or night stays. However, since balloons are non-surgical, only mild sedatives will be given and you can get back to your home on the same day.


As you can assume through the surgical and non-surgical difference, balloons take lesser time to recover. General side effects might include nausea but patients recover in a few days to the max. A surgery no matter what kind it is, usually takes one or two weeks at least to recover.

We are positive that the information above would have helped you understand the major differences but in order to make up your mind completely, you need more than that. You’ll need to consult a weight loss expert. At Houston Weight Loss, you can book your free bariatric consultation at any time. All you have to do is just make a call or click on our contact us page.

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