Everyone knows that the biggest traitor in our foods is Sugar. Apart from obesity and diabetes, Sugar can also become a cause of major complications including heart diseases, hypertension, liver issues and kidney damage. Since we know about the foods that contain sugar, most of us avoid consuming them in order to stay healthy and physically fit. What we don’t realize is that almost all of the packaged foods contain added sugar. And these are not just fizzy drinks and desserts but also foods such as beans, bread and even frozen vegetables. Multiple studies have shown that added sugar is incorporated to all of the package foods that we consume. The easiest way that brands use to disguise added sugar in the ingredients list is by writing fancy names such as maltose, fructose, nectar, fruit syrup.

FDA’s Initiative For Better Health

To eliminate these misleading actions, FDA has taken serious action and have recently asked companies to label added sugar (if any) on all foods and drinks in order to keep things crystal clear for the customers. At Houston Weight Loss Dr, our experts can tell you secrets on how you can save yourself from falling prey to these packaged foods.
We understand that the risk factor is the highest in sugar overconsumption and the most common side effect is Obesity. One also has to understand that Obesity doesn’t only affect the appearance of the individual but in fact, the underlying damages are severe.

Why Sugar Consumption Is Such A Big Issue?

The body’s mechanism to process sugar is different for everyone. People who are genetically prone to obesity are more likely to get obese while they consume sugar. Moreover, working routines don’t allow many to make healthy and fresh food for themselves and subsequently they rely on processed foods. Since these packaged foods are cheaper and easier to access, most people use them on daily basis. Some might even use them as a solution to their psychological issues such as distress and anxiety.

Our Promise!

Despite the inevitable damages of sugar, Houston Weight Loss health experts are committed to guide patients on how they can lead a healthy life avoiding sugary foods. Through their nutritional help, anyone can start living a normal and healthy life, just in days. For those who are facing the challenge of obesity, we also have our bariatric surgical services available.
So if sugar has been your worst enemy for years and keeping you from losing weight, time to defeat it, contact us and book your consultation appointment today.

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