It is a common practice among people to skip meals and they firmly believe that it can aid in weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, not eating a meal only stimulate the body’s mechanism to look for a greater supply of food for steady sugar levels. In order for the body to work actively, constant energy must be supplied. And in the shortage of food, that energy goes low. Apart from this basic metabolism science, meal skipping is actually harmful for weight loss. Wanna know how? Let us elaborate:

You’ll End Up Eating More Eventually!

Believe it or not but when you deprive your body of a meal, you are most likely to fill that gap up with whatever you find next, even junk and sugary foods. In fact, sweets seem sweeter when you are under a hunger attack. And in this way, you’ll do more harm to your weight loss plan than if you’d have stick with your original diet.

Lesser Energy For Workout Routines

Exercise is essential, not just for weight loss, but for good life as well. Exercise, however, require energy, energy that comes from food. Once you start skipping meals, you’ll begin to lose your stamina for workouts, exercise, and physical activities.

In addition to that, when you work out, you are gaining muscle. Muscle tones up body while eliminating extra weight. And all of these benefits can vanish with your meal elimination scheme.

Low Metabolism Induces Higher Blood Sugar Levels

When you don’t eat a meal, your metabolism slows down, causing your body to elevate sugar levels even when you are not eating. According to nutritionists, fasting sugar levels when remain elevated for a longer period, can cause diabetes, which is a dangerous outcome for meal skipping.

So what should you do?

At Houston Weight Loss, we are ready to help you get rid of all such misconceptions. By discussing with our nutritionists, you can get a meal planner for your desired weight loss, without skipping any meal of the day. For appointments and consultations, you can Book Your Appointment Now  or call 281 653-6544.