Say Yes To Eating Right, Say Yes To Weight Loss!

In this time and age, where we are literally surrounded by advancement in every sphere, defeating weight loss is just a matter of making the right eating decisions. Well, as much as that is true, doing so is not always easy. Besides saying NO to things that you love and crave will only make things worse. Instead you should substitute them with things that you will still love. Don’t believe us? We speak with facts. At Houston Weight Loss, our understanding is that every choice that you make must be a result of a change in your mindset and not just the habit. This is the only way, you can lose wait in a steady way.

Choose Dark Chocolate Over Milk Chocolate

We know that choco-lovers can’t just have it any other way. But if you want to lose weight and still eat your favorite item, go for the dark one. Unsweetened dark chocolate, in contrast to milk chocolate, is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and energy. Multiple studies have proven that dark chocolate doesn’t only have fewer calories than the regular sugary ones, but is also rich in healthy nutrients that help one stay energetic all day long. It also helps the brain to function better and enables to focus more during exams preps.

Replace Your Gummy Bear With Frozen Fruits

If you have a love for chewy munchies, you can now substitute your gummy bears with frozen berries. To make things yummier, cut them in chunks or turn them into a slushee in summers and pour it into ice cube trays, and there you have your very own healthy popsicles. Munch on them whenever you like, and you won’t have to worry about weight gain with those.

Fries Can Be Baked, Without Potatoes!

Yes, that’s right! Cut turnips or any other favorite vegetable the same way you cut your fries, season them with herbs and extra virgin oil of your choice. Put them in the oven, bake them on 425° F for about an hour or until they get real crisp.

They taste almost as great as your regular fries but the most important part is that they are healthier. With very little oil, it works well for your weight loss and your hunger, all at the same time.

Treat Yourself

And in the end, think more of giving a treat to your body than hopping on for a cheat day. Once you start getting on the track to health, you’ll realize what makes your body feel good. Foods that make you, your mind and body happy, complete and active.

So don’t keep yourself from treating yourself. Have good meals more often, breath fresh air, get more things done. Set a positive tone for life and weight gain won’t be a problem anymore!

Talk To Houston Weight Loss Experts

However, if your weight is above than the usual, and you think that only making healthy choices won’t be a real help, our weight loss surgeries and bariatric advice will surely do. You can book a free bariatric consultation with us by just giving us a call. And we’ll also provide you with all the necessary help while you recover and make those healthy choices.

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