Health and nutrition are interrelated, and more importantly, interdependent too. Taking nutritional guidance after weight loss surgery is even more essential for the patients. However, without the help of a registered dietician, no one can defeat the unsettling challenge of following a diet plan or making the changes in their usual diet. At Houston Weight Loss, our registered dieticians not only discuss your diet options in a one-on-one meeting but will also make a diet plan suitable for your specific surgery and health conditions.

Who Qualifies As A Registered Dietician?

Nutritional specialists are more specifically known as RDs (registered dieticians) or RDNs (registered dietician nutritionists). To achieve this title, they have to acquire a bachelor’s degree program, along with a 1200 hours’ work supervised program or internship, all through the Accreditation Council For Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). They also have to pass the examination held under the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

What Can A Registered Dietician Do For You?

RDs understand that every person is different which is why they assess the person’s needs, medical history, evaluate their progress after bariatric surgery, and analyze their eating habits. They also create plans on the preferences of the patient so as to giving them the sense of liberty over what they are going to choose to eat.

What’s The Benefit Of Working With A Registered Professional?

Well there are many but working with a qualified professional allows you to make plans and strategies based on knowledge and experience. You can have the assurance that their top concern will always be your health. And they can also assist you in changing your eating habits through lists and diet charts.

Personalized Diet Plan

At Houston Weight Loss, Our registered dieticians take special care of the patients. They create individual plans for individual situation and needs, ensuring that everything goes well with the medical conditions of the patient. The nutritional help that we focus on providing includes a well balanced diet based on the choices of the patient. We also allow them to eat whatever they like while keeping in mind the impact of those foods on their overall health and body.

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