Bariatric surgeries are the most potent weight loss procedures of the century. However, recovery is something that depends essentially on different factors.

Type Of Surgery

The recovery process and timeframe relies largely on the type of the surgery. For instance, gastric bypass surgery, the recovery time in hospital ranges from two days to a week.

This is mainly because it is the least complex procedures of all. In this process, a small part of stomach is removed and the small intestine is connected to the stomach directly.

A Laparoscopic Surgery, on the other hand, may take more than a month to fully heal. The process is more invasive and meticulous and thus requires more time.

Full Recovery

Since a bariatric surgery can remove more than 60% of excess fat, the full recovery period can take up to five weeks. As your body underwent a drastic change, you must always adhere to the recovery protocols. At Houston Weight Loss, our doctors ensure that the patients recover as quickly as possible.


Age is a crucial factor in determining the recovery time. People over the age of 50 may recover in a longer time. However, by following Houston Weight Loss’s prescribed post-operative regimen, even older patients can recover quicker.

Health Conditions

Conditions such as diabetes and heart issues can also prolong the recovery period. For such patients, a diet regimen is established after consultation with the specialists and their previous medical history.

How To Prevent Slow Recovery

The following tips can aid in a faster healing from a bariatric surgery:

  • Avoid malnutrition.
  • Sleep eight hours at night.
  • Eat healthy foods suggested by the doctors.
  • Take advice from the doctors.
  • Consult With your doctors regularly.

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