Obesity has reached an alarming rate. And over the past two decades, health issues related to obesity have also been doubled. It is important to understand that treating obesity isn’t just for cosmetic and apparent reasons. Most people are aware that coronary diseases, digestive issues and hypertension are the byproducts of obesity but it can cause numerous bones, muscle and joint issues too.

How Weight Affects Bones And Joints?

Our bodies are not meant to be heavier than a certain weight. It is because when we have excess weight, it puts more pressure on the bones and joints than it should and subsequently, we feel pain, stiffness and soreness. Moreover, fat cells also damage bones by causing inflammation between the joints.

Which Problems Are Caused By Obesity?

Several bones and joints problems can be caused due to extra weight including:





With more and more weight pressure, the cartilage at the end of the bones begin to worn out. And at that point, it causes inflammation, which leads to pain and swelling. Arthritis is very painful and makes it impossible for the patient to perform daily tasks.


Muscles also undergo pressure and as a result, the connecting tissues or tendons get damaged or inflamed. The pain and the inflammation after this is known as Tendonitis.


Fluid filled sacks near the joints are known as Bursa. Weight pressure can cause irritation, swelling, pain and redness, known as Bursitis

What Is The Solution?

Well, treating the root cause is pivotal. Losing weight is the only solution to all the joint and bone problems. And there are several ways to reach that.


A healthy balanced diet can kick start your weight loss program. Portioning and healthy eating habits can go a long way.


Workout, exercise, physical activities are all important in keeping you fit. A slow, steady and practical workout routine is crucial for weight loss.


Staying hydrated is also very important for a faster metabolism. It also eliminates the toxins from the body.

Bariatric Services

If you have tried everything and still haven’t lost any weight, bariatric solutions can be helpful. At Houston Weight Loss Center, we offer free bariatric consultation to everyone. During the consultation, we evaluate your health condition and tell you if you are the candidate for bariatric services or not.

So if you are suffering from a bone or joint issue because of obesity, it’s time to get in touch with us.

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