Almost every healthcare expert talks about the adverse effects of obesity. We are, of course, generally aware that hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases are some of the major issues associated with weight gain. However, the issue never discussed enough is the impact of weight gain on the joints.

Rapid weight gain in a short span of time can put pressure on the joints and the adjacent tissues. The pressure is more than what they are used to handle which subsequently result in joint pain and deterioration. It can further cause hip pain, arthritis, and many other issues related to joints.

Healthy Joints Are Crucial For Movement

A joint is a place where two bones meet. Moving any part of your body involves the smooth functioning of your joints. This is why your mobility largely depends upon the health of your joints. But with weight gain, your painful joints get inflamed, which then limit your body’s ability to move.

How Weight Gain Impacts Joint Health?

When you gain extra pounds, your body mass increases. This increased body mass puts more pressure on the hip, knee, and ankle joints. The increased pressure that these joints endure is more than they can handle and with time, not just the joint itself but the surrounding tissues also get inflamed, swollen, and irritated.

Obesity can directly impact your spine too. You can experience lower back pain and it can worsen when the connected tissues start getting affected.

Most Common Symptoms Of Joint Pain

  • Knee pain in one or both knees when trying to stand up after a long period of sitting down.
  • Pain in hip joints and knee joints that sharpen every time you engage in a physical activity and relieves only after several hours of rest.
  • Popping sounds that come out of knee or hip joint when you move suddenly. These are clear signs that the ligaments or cartilage under the joints are not in their best condition.
  • Joint swelling, tenderness, and redness around the joints without any form of injury.

Weight Loss Is Essentially The Best Way To Reduce Joint Pains

Not all joint issues are related to obesity, some types of arthritis are directly caused by the wear and tear of the bones. However, weight gain can only worsen arthritis. Losing weight will not only put pressure off of the joints but will also reduce inflammation, swelling and stiffness.

When there are no extra pounds putting pressure on the joints, you’ll subsequently feel lighter, healthier and will find it easier to mobilize your body without any discomfort.

If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing joint pain due to excess weight, time to consider a weight loss plan. At Houston Weight Loss, we have helped patients with chronic obesity through our bariatric services. You have hope too.

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