Obesity is one of the top reasons of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is on the rise all around the world and most of the patients are obese. Let’s see why obesity is often linked with type-2 diabetes and what is the role it plays.

Obesity And Type-2 Diabetes

For starters, Obesity is the cause of insulin resistance. When that happens, body cells stop working in the way they are supposed to. It is because the cells cease to allow the insulin to let the blood sugar circulating in the blood to enter the cells. As a result, the blood sugar keeps on increasing in the blood stream causing your blood sugar levels to rise, the starting point of type-2 diabetes. And from there, damage starts for many vital organs.

According to researchers, obesity also causes other changes in body’s mechanism which aggravates insulin resistance. One of such factors include production of fat cell mass which in turn become the reason of secretion of bad hormones. These bad hormones or adiponectin also block insulin from fulfilling its function in the body.

Obesity also has an impact on the powerhouse of our cells, better known as mitochondria. Obesity can reduce the number of mitochondria in the cells which is why when they stop channelizing insulin for creating energy, the blood glucose start building up in the blood stream.

Aging And Diabetes

Although this is not directly related with obesity, an obese person is more likely to see adverse effects of aging on the body than someone who’s in a fit form. With aging, our cells tend to open lesser to the circulating blood sugar. This is why doctors and experts say that older people are at a greater risk of developing type-2 diabetes, regardless of any other factor.

Genes And Type-2 Diabetes

Genetics are also a huge determinant of this disease. Families who have seen many diabetic patients over the years, are more likely to have more members getting type-2 diabetes in the coming generations. Some of them might even get type-2 diabetes at a younger age too.

What Can We Do About It?

Well, you can’t stop aging and you can’t change your genes but what you can do is control your weight and fight obesity. You must keep in mind that type-2 diabetes is a dangerous disease that can put you in serious life-threatening conditions such as kidney failure.

So if you or any of your loved ones is overweight, start working on reaching a healthy weight and maintain healthy habits. It is imperative to know that with rise in weight, your risk of getting diabetes doubles which is why you must not overlook it.

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