We like to call ourselves healthy. At least, until our health issues do not occur. Same is the case with excess weight. It takes a toll on your health only after a long time. So, it only makes sense that you consider yourself healthy, spend your daily life with normal activities and don’t take any medications, even though you are overweight or even obese. This is the reason why many people wouldn’t take obesity into account and call themselves healthy.

However, people who claim that their excess weight is not an issue and they are the healthiest among their families, are wrong. New studies have found that obese people can’t be healthy.

Understanding Health

Health is not something you can understand completely in just one single line. If you had a good morning, you went to the coffee shop, spent a day at work and came home without feeling extra tired, it doesn’t mean you are in good health. In fact, doctors and experts see the health parameters based on long term performance.

This means that when we consider someone’s health, we think about their long healthy life, we ask questions like, are they likely to develop any serious medical condition such as diabetes, heart issues, sleep apnea or joint issues. The bottom line is, health is not determined with how you feel in one day but rather on what you are likely to feel and experience in 5 years or so.

Obesity Is Worrisome Despite How You Feel Right Now!

The medical Journal Diabetology recently published a study which suggested that obese people are not healthy. The study included 375,000 participants and it was revealed that those with obesity were at a higher risk of developing and progressing serious health issues in 3 to 5 years in comparison with those who were not overweight.

Well, now this may come as a surprise to those who never considered weight to be an issue. But you have to stop listening to authors and self-proclaimed experts who use fancy words and let you think that your excess weight is just “Healthy”.

What Should I Do?

Well, first of all, understand that obesity is and will always remain an issue. This is why you must start making life choices that are healthy. Eating less, moving more is actually the mantra you should follow for a better life expectancy.

If you have been obese for the most part of your life and nothing worked for you, maybe it’s time for you to consider a bariatric surgery. There are many options available and a weight loss doctor can suggest the best one for you after evaluating your health condition, current weight and lifestyle.

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