Gaining weight for no reason

When the party season begins, it’s only natural to see that waistline getting expanded. The numbers on the scale certainly go up. That is a pretty common weight gain story. But when you’re doing everything right, trying to keep that calorie deficit active, working out daily and still your weight is not dropping down, in fact you’re witnessing weight gain, it’s time for you to go deeper and find the real culprits.

You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Emphasizing the significance of a good night sleep can’t be summed up in a sentence or two. But staying up late doesn’t just take a toll on your overall health, it also hinders your weight loss progress in two ways.

One, when you go to bed late, you feel hungry at night and end up eating those extra calories balancing that deficit back. On the other hand, when you don’t sleep enough and get back to your daily routine, your hormones are disturbed, as a result, your appetite may increase.


Yeah, we know everyone is stressed but our bodies don’t deal with stress normally. When we feel stressed out, nervous or worried, cortisol, the stress hormone levels are elevated. These in turn cause a spike in appetite.

So you start eating even when you don’t realize. Also, in such instances, you always go for comfort foods which are high in sugar and carbs.


For most people, antidepressants can also be a huge reason for weight gain. This is where you need to have a talk with your doctor. It is important not to alter any medication on your own, share your experience and let the doctor advise accordingly.

In many cases, the real reason behind weight gain are not the antidepressants but the fact that people start feeling better and their appetite increases.


If your thyroid gland isn’t secreting enough thyroid hormones, you’re most likely to gain weight. Getting it tested will help you normalize it’s function as well as get rid of that extra weight.


Polycystic ovaries syndrome is a common condition in women. Many small cysts are formed in ovaries which in turn cause a hormonal imbalance and menstural irregularities. Women with PCOS may also get facial hair and excessive acne. Another major byproduct of PCOS is weight gain since patients are resistant to insulin.

So if you have PCOS, your doctor might suggest avoiding certain types of foods which will also help with weight loss.

Quitting Smoking

Even though it’s the best thing you can do for yourself, quitting smoking can also be a cause of weight gain. It is because when you stop smoking, your body functions alter and you start feeling hungrier. However, the weight gain is not drastic and your hunger gets back to normal in a few weeks.

If you believe that you don’t have any of the conditions above and still facing challenges in losing weight, perhaps it’s time to choose Bariatric Surgery. Our wide range of bariatric services are available for your specific requirements. To check if you’re a candidate or not, book your free consultation with Dr Wadiwala today!

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