The lower body fat, also known as gynoid fat, is popular for giving the female body a curvy appearance. But it can also turn into a problem when fat accumulation around the buttocks, thighs, and hips increases and you fail to lose it even after adopting a healthy lifestyle. This happens with the second type of fat which is called lipedema.

Lipedema is fluid fat and can be felt as small nodules upon touching. Lipedema remains unaffected despite lifestyle changes. Almost 12 percent of the female population in the US is affected by lipedema. What’s more dangerous is the fact that most of these women don’t even know that they have lipedema and consider it as normal fat.

How Lipedema Feels?

To begin with, unlike regular fat, lipedema feels like heavyweights, is mostly painful and discomforting, and the skin can be bruised easily.

Some other important points to remember about lipedema:

  • Lipedema is symmetric fat accumulation around legs, buttocks, hips, and arms.
  • Lipedema has four stages and women can also have a combination of these stages at a single time.
  • Lipedema has no cure and mostly remains unaffected by lifestyle changes.
  • In lipedema, the lower body has a distorted pear shape which looks different from the upper body.

What Causes Lipedema?

When normal fat cells come together, they create fat lobules which slide over each other easily. However, when fat cells join together and turn into a larger fat compound, it starts secreting sugar molecules known as hyaluronic acid. Although hyaluronic acid is present in both humans and animals, in people with lipedema, hyaluronic acid causes stiffness in the lipedema fat cells turning it into a gelatin-like substance.

The Hyaluronic acid and other molecules attract white cells which are inflammatory. These cells, in turn, cause the blood vessels to break, resulting in easy bruising.

Managing The Symptoms

  • There are several ways through which the symptoms can be managed and reduce the discomfort.
  • Manual Lymphatic drainage by a professional therapist
  • Compression garments that help with the lymphatic system.
  • Exercises that improve the lymphatic system include aerobics, swimming, cycling, and body vibration.
  • Medications and supplements that assist in lymphatic drainage.

Liposuction and Water Assisted Liposuction

In bariatric services, Liposuction is the most effective way to eliminate Lipedema. Fat cells are sucked out of the body using a special pump. However, only specialists can carry out the procedure as the condition is particularly rare and require maximum precision.

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