We hear a lot of things about bariatric surgery and how it could be the last resort of people struggling with obesity. But what we never get to know about is how these procedures can impact your body, your digestion and your overall health mechanism. If you feel fatigued, bloated and sluggish all the time and all your weight loss efforts never bore any fruits, then having a lap-band surgery can be really beneficial for you. So, let’s talk about Lap Band in detail.

Lap Band surgery is minimally invasive. As the name suggests, it’s a band. This silicone band is placed on your stomach in such a way that it separates the larger part of your stomach from the smaller one. By restricting the size of your stomach, it controls your hunger.

Some Clarifications About Lap Band

Even though it sounds like Lap Band is a complete solution, it’s only an aid. It’s a device that allows you to put your digestive system back on track. However, you still have to put efforts for long-term weight management. Moreover, Lap Band comes with its own challenges and knowing them in advance will certainly help you.

Common Effects Of Lap Band

One of the most common effects is the increased satiety. You feel fuller quickly since your stomach size is reduced and only a small portion diet can be absorbed at a time.

The other effect is that it decreases your desire to eat.

It is important to know that even though both these effects seem to work in your favor, they actually aren’t. If you can’t curb your cravings, you will end up finding ways to fill your stomach with junk food and nasty beverages. So, below are some tips that will help you benefit more from your lap band surgery.

Chew Your Food Slowly

You must understand that the digestive capacity of your stomach is altered with this process. Now, you should eat slower, chew it well and enjoy your meal by taking small bites.

Eat A Recommended Diet

Don’t eat hard foods such as nuts and crackers. Instead, stick to the diet suggested by your surgeon. At Houston weight loss, we have special follow up meal plans for our patients. Our nutrition experts create customized plans for patients with special health issues.

Stay Away From Carbonated Drinks

Soda is not just bad for health, it’s more damaging when you have lap band. Carbonated drinks cause gas which can cause more discomfort when your stomach size is reduced.


Regular exercise is extremely beneficial for a faster metabolism. It is also great for weight management. So, choose a physical activity that you love or contact us for our special exercise regime tailor-made for patients with bariatric surgeries.

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