Hunger strikes the most when you need it the least. But if you are in a constant battle with losing weight and every time the snacks win, you really must follow these simple but useful tips to save yourself from the never ending urge of eating more.

At Houston Weight Loss, we believe that anyone can achieve a healthier weight and an even healthier lifestyle, if they keep everything in balance and the tips below will definitely help.

Replace Carbs With Whole Grains

One of the most fundamental part of any diet that you would want to follow, is avoiding carbohydrates. Here, it’s important that you leave out those carbs which are used in daily routines. The basic ones such as white bread and sugar have a higher glycemic rating and can trick your brain into feeling hunger and cravings, especially if you have trouble losing weight due to hunger pangs.

So what’s the replacement? Meals that make you feel full such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals are the best.

Salads Can be Interesting

We all know that salads are like the best weapon to beat weight gain issues, but not everyone is a fan of eating them.

So make them interesting, add boiled white meat, extra virgin oil, herbs and organic spices to make your salads tastier, and indulge whenever you feel the urge to munch a snack.

Eat Fiber Enriched Diets

Fiber based foods fight cholesterol like nothing else. Fiber enriched foods such as oats, vegetables, apples, oranges and brown rice are all good options for your meals. In fact, the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away is also true because apples are filled with fibers, which ultimately keep the body healthy.

Fat Is Not Bad

Contrary to popular belief, all fat is not harmful. Healthy fat such as the one found in extra virgin oils, nuts, and yogurt are indeed good for health and save you from the unhealthy fats. Moreover, these healthy fats can help you feel full for a longer time, keeping you from getting hunger attacks.

Our Meal Planner

At Houston Weight Loss, our experts can create a special meal plan for you. The plan will be created by our expert nutritionists and they’ll evaluate your condition, your weight loss goals and your current weight. We plan a balanced diet for you depending on your body needs so that you can achieve better and faster results.

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