Our hormones are more important than you think. They are responsible for the proper functioning of our bodies. Take hunger, for instance, we have hormones that regulate our hunger. Leptin works to stop hunger while ghrelin awakens your appetite. Leptin stops hunger and is thus significant for weight loss. On the other hand, ghrelin activates your hunger. By that equation, overweight people should have higher ghrelin levels and lower leptin levels. However, that’s not true. Studies have found the opposite. Obese people don’t have lower leptin levels but they are resistant to the hunger regulating hormone.

Leptin comes from fatty tissues as a response to energy storage. But leptin release is also dependent on other factors including your sleep cycle, sugar consumption, age, gender, genetics, physical activities, etc.  A rise in leptin release activates metabolism and subsequently activates hunger too.

Why Does That Happen?

Resistance to hunger hormones is a byproduct of overeating for longer periods. Naturally, you need more food or feel fuller to finally receive the “I am full” signal.

Role Of Eating Habits In Leptin Resistance

It gets difficult for people to feel fuller because when they continue binge eating consistently, it eventually leads to leptin resistance. Moreover, meal sizes and nutrition types also play a role in leptin levels.

For example, if you consume larger meals with dense carbohydrates and low fat, your leptin levels will rise quicker in comparison with when you consume meals that are low in carbs and higher in healthy high fats. So, if you want to lose weight, you must consume smaller yet frequent meals with low carbs and high fats. Regular exercise can also help because it reduces fat stored in the body and thus allows the hunger signals to work properly.

Speaking of ghrelin, it is correlated to the stomach’s nutritional status. Ghrelin is released from the stomach and when ghrelin levels rise, hunger levels rise too. Ghrelin levels rise when you are fasting. There is no way to change ghrelin levels in an individual naturally, although there are medications that can help. It is important to remember that genetics also factor in ghrelin release and some people have higher than normal levels of ghrelin that subsequently cause increased appetite and weight gain.

If you are experiencing trouble controlling your appetite, you could be one of those people and bariatric surgery can help. But to know better, you must get in touch with a certified bariatric expert.

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