Weight loss doesn’t even sound simple, that’s because it’s complicated. If you’re overweight, you must know that it’s going to be a long struggle, unless you’re committed to making long-term changes. But there are tons of health benefits of losing weight, including type-2 diabetes remission.

With 34 million Americans suffering from type-2 diabetes, there’s a huge number of patients who have developed the diseases due to excess body fat. The good news is, bariatric surgery can help patients in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels even before they start losing weight. A study found that some of the weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass surgery has a huge impact on diabetes.

Gastric Bypass Surgery; A proven way to treat diabetes

Since gastric bypass changes the way your body digests food, it also becomes the cause of the production of new substances which can help the body in using glucose in a new way.

For example, after gastric bypass, the small intestine begins to produce GLUT-1. It is a molecule that aids in better use of glucose by the body. What’s interesting is that GLUT-1 isn’t present in the small intestine and only digestive changes that occur after gastric bypass help in its production.

You Can Even Get Into Remission

Patients have reported significantly lower blood sugar levels after gastric bypass. Not only that, more than 78% of the went into remission which means normal blood sugar levels and no medications needed.

Sleeve gastrectomy, another process in which the size of the stomach is reduced, has also proven its utility against weight gain and type-2 diabetes. Altered stomach size affects hormones in the gut and thus change the way our body uses glucose.

Long Term Changes Are A Guarantee Of A Healthy Life

It is a fact that weight loss surgeries can help you lose weight drastically and with consistent lifestyle changes, you cannot only treat your diabetes but also control several other health issues. However, another important reminder is to stay on track after the surgery. With our meal planners and exercise regimes from experts, we guide our patients towards a healthy, well-balanced life where they can enjoy life without worrying about the diseases associated with obesity.

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