Staying on a healthy path after bariatric surgery is not an easy task. But it gets tougher when you are surrounded by so many delicacies at social events, gatherings, cocktail parties, and brunches. You just can’t avoid going to such places only because the tables are always filled with utterly delicious food. However, even if you have undergone weight loss surgery, we suggest you don’t stress out yourself because the tips below will keep you on track.

  • Give yourself some pep talk. Your weight loss achievement is bigger than your cravings so whenever you are ready to go out to an event, prepare yourself to keep your emotions and cravings under control.
  • Never skip a meal before an event. If you’re thinking you can save some calories for dinner or a high tea, you should know that not eating for a long time will only increase your hunger hormone and you’ll end up eating more than you usually do. Instead, always eat a high-protein breakfast to keep yourself from snacking and indulging in beverages and packaged food.
  • Find lean protein. You may find fried chicken and fish at such events but always try and find a healthier protein such as grilled or steamed chicken, roasted salmon, or a form of vegan protein that’s prepared with more herbs and less salt and fats.
  • Focus on hydration. Dehydration tricks your brain into feeling hungry. Make sure that you drink plenty of water. That will help you with feeling full quicker and also speed up your metabolism.
  • Go easy on alcohol. You should know that the calories in alcoholic drinks are rather empty and contain little to no nutritional value. Moreover, if you just had your weight loss surgery, you must act upon the nutritional advice of your doctor.
  • Get the support you need. Friends and family are crucial in keeping you motivated. Talk to them before going to such parties and let them know that their support could help you from overindulgence.
  • Never bring leftover food home. These calorie-laden foods, once come into your home, will only go into your tummy, so it’s best not to take them along. Make sure you understand that party food is just for parties, occasional treats if you will, but they are not for consumption on a daily basis.
  • Another pro tip is to make a healthier version of party food and bring it along. In fact, if your friends are also health conscious, you can encourage them to do the same and you won’t even have to worry about the options available at the dinner table.
  • Last but not least, never deprive yourself. You can have your favorite foods but just consume them in moderation. Portion size is really important. Know that it’s all good, as long as you are in control, you can enjoy all these foods without guilt. One trick is to fill up on salad first and then go for pasta, pizza, or dessert.

If you are still worried about your diet post-op, we can help you with your meal planning. Our expert nutritionists can create a personalized meal plan for you, simply aligned with your health condition and your weight loss goals.

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