When you are pregnant, everyone seems to adore your baby bump. Your chubby cheeks and love handles are ignored and rather cherished for you are bringing a new life in this world. But the perception changes after delivery. You are supposed to either get back in shape or you’ll stay like that for don’t know how long. Also, many self proclaimed advisors would say that it will take around 9 months to shed that pregnancy weight.

Well, fortunately, we talked to the experts. And they say that there’s a window to lose that pregnancy weight. And the best time starts after 3 months. From 3 months post delivery to 12 months is the most effective time to lose the baby weight.

What Are The Effects Of Pregnancy Weight?

Before moving on to the effects, first you must know that according to experts, women gain 15 to 20% of their weight during pregnancy. And the amount of weight they sustain after is a huge determinant of a lot of things.

For women who fail to shed off the baby weight after one year, are more likely to develop high blood pressure, cardiovascular risks, diabetes, and joint issues in older age. This is why controlling it before it becomes a threat to your overall health is more than essential.

Why Is It Important To Lose Pregnancy Weight In That Window?

The topmost reason is, it’s easier. When it keeps to the benefits, losing the baby weight within a year of delivery helps you get your metabolic rate back. It’s like putting your body back to normal. Using this window to lose weight also strengthens your body and keep you from overindulgence.

What Is The Best Way To Lose Pregnancy Weight?

Well, if you’re an avid social media user, you would know the answer already. It’s Exercise. Fitness trainers who get back to their workouts postpartum, not only share their own workouts but also provide workout programs for others.

You can even buy these programs, subscribe to their channels and be a part of their community to stay engaged.

If on the other hand, you gained abnormal amount of weight during pregnancy and still finding it unable to get rid of it, there could be a deeper reason. You might need an additional procedure to kick start your weight loss journey.

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