How to give up sugar?

People are switching to healthy diets, exercise, mindfulness and just about anything that could fit them into the FITZONE. But no matter how hard you try, if you have not found a way to limit your sugar intake, changes are, you’re not going to see optimum results. Although, as simple as it sounds, cutting sugar out of your diet is definitely not easy. In fact, if you have a sweet tooth, it’s even more difficult for you.

According to nutritionists, added sugar is even more dangerous as you sometimes eat a food item thinking it’s a healthy one, where in reality, it has added sugar. Why sugar is bad? Well, the topmost reason, it won’t let you lose fat. And more importantly, higher sugar intake can lead to heart diseases, fatty liver, chronic inflammation and even hypertension. So, what should you do to eliminate sugar from your diet, let’s get the answer from the experts!

Don’t Call It Quits Altogether

Most fitness experts would suggest eliminating sugar from your diet altogether but our experts from Houston Weight Loss says that sugar is a highly addictive ingredient and if you stop its intake altogether, you are most likely to get more cravings. Our bodies are not accustomed to sudden changes but rather gradual steady lifestyle changes which become routine over time.

So instead of focusing on removing sugar from your diet, make wise choices. Stick to the standard recommended amount of sugar per day and start replacing one sugary item with its natural substitute at a time.

Stay Hydrated

It may seem unimportant in this particular regard but when our bodies get dehydrated, they send signals to our brains, confusing thirst with hunger. As a result, we consume more food, and most of the time, sugary foods. On the other hand, if you stay well hydrated, you’ll feel fuller for longer and your sweet tooth will also stay at bay.

Check Out For Ingredients

As we said earlier, processed foods have more added sugar than we can possibly imagine. This is why it is very important to read the labels of the items we buy, even if they are salad dressings, sauces, condiments or even cereals and protein bars.

Workout More

Exercise is essential for both the body and the mind. When you work out your body, Endorphins are released from our brains, making our mood better. According to a study, when we feel sad or depressed, we experience more sugar cravings than usual. So, keep your spirits high with exercise, even if it’s for 20 minutes.

Food Is Not The Answer

And last but not the least, food is not the only distraction you need. Remember, you can do a lot of things to deal with pressure, sadness, depression, anxiety and any other problem, food is not the only solution. Practicing yoga, talking to someone, going out for a walk, reading a book or even watching a movie can all prove to be useful when you feel overwhelmed, even for no reason at all.

If you think that you need a motivation in following these tips, or if sugar cravings are dragging you to the edge of obesity, Houston Weight Loss can help. Our bariatric services and post-op help can benefit you in more than one way. Book your free consultation today!

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