How to Finance Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight means committing to a change in lifestyle. You must follow a routine, stay disciplined, focus on long term progress and not astray from the suggested path. But apart from all that rigid routine, lifestyle changes have their own price. You have to spare a hefty portion of your budget for buying healthier foods, buying a gym membership or equipment, signing up for a weight loss, and especially if you are opting for bariatric surgery.

What If I Can’t Afford Bariatric Surgery?

Many people don’t consider weight loss surgery an option because they simply believe that they can’t afford one. With higher healthcare costs and new illnesses being discovered every now and then, it’s only natural for people to worry over unexpected costs.

However, that’s not the case with us. At Houston Weight Loss Center, we believe in giving our patients the liberty to choose from convenient and affordable financing options.

Call Your Insurance Provider

To begin with, we would like you to call your insurance company and ask if they cover bariatric surgery. Most insurance plans include weight loss surgeries to keep you safe from chronic health issues and risks associated with weight gain. Even if your insurance company doesn’t cover your weight loss surgery expenses, we have two affordable and comprehensive financing options for you to choose from.

Houston Weight Loss Financing Options

Our vertical sleeve gastrectomy starts at $8999.

The best option is an all-inclusive self-pay special, available at $7999. Patients can choose to pay via cashier’s check or send the money order to WIFUMAM PA.

This option includes physician fees, hospital fees, anesthesia, labs, dietitian, and follow-up appointments for 1 year with a $1000 hospital rebate given.

The second option is an all-inclusive financing, available for $8999. It also includes physician fees, hospital fees, anesthesia, labs, dietitian, assistant fees, and follow-up appointments for 1 year.

You can make the payment using the following methods

Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express

Care Credit


United Medical

To learn more about your options, candidacy, or post-op care, schedule a free bariatric consultation with our doctors today!

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