In the world of internet, we are bombarded with so much information every day that sometimes we fail to identify right from wrong. Moreover, diet culture has categorized food as good and bad and on top of that BAD list is nothing else but sugar. We all get sugar cravings yet we are led to believe that it’s not only wrong but harmful for our body.

Well, let us give you some good news finally. These sugar cravings are totally normal and you can easily control your cravings by making some lifestyle modifications.

Make Sure You Eat Regularly

Of course, you have heard about people going on extreme diets to stay in shape, they are actually not as beneficial as they sound. Skipping meals and restricting yourself for a long time means you are causing your blood sugar levels to drop, sometimes to a level where you instantly crave more sweet items than you’d normally want to eat.

So, what you really need to overcome those sugar cravings, is to never skip a meal or eat at irregular times. This can upset your body’s natural system and drop your energy levels.

Don’t Cut Out Your Carbs

Yes, another hot favorite of today’s dieticians is a diet almost free of carbs. But let us take you down to some basics, carbs are a source of energy, energy that you need all day, even if you’re just resting. Make sure that each of your meal is balanced. Eating protein, vitamins, and minerals, is never going to be enough if you’re not including carbohydrates into your meals. Also, carbs contain sugar which is why consuming carbs efficiently and mindfully can keep you from craving that extra sugar.

As a general rule, consume carbs that are high in fiber. Whole grains, beans and legumes, potatoes with the skin, and fruits like banana and mango are great sources of carbs.

Eat Sugar (Not A Lot)

Yes, you can eat sugar. Of course, you cannot consume sugar in crazy amounts but how to eliminate your crazy sugar cravings is definitely in your hands. Don’t put anything off-limits, even if it’s your favorite brownie or ice cream.

Telling yourself that you can have them whenever you want to, will ultimately put you in a zone where you’ll no longer want to eat a whole cake, you’ll eat one slice and you won’t even want to consume anymore.

Other ways to not keep your sugar cravings under control is consuming natural sugars, in the form of fruits. You can always eat a bowl of fresh fruits with a side of Greek yogurt as a snack and also as a dessert.

So, now that you know sugar is not the enemy, not having a balanced lifestyle is. If you have recently undergone a bariatric surgery and finding it hard to stay away from sugary foods then let us help you with our meal planning. To learn more about our services, call us anytime.