Desperate times call for desperate and boy oh boy, these times are as desperate as you can possibly imagine. But do you know how you can stay safe from the deadly Corona Virus? Well, of course, by staying home but boosting your immunity is equally important.

Doctors and health experts suggest against going for supplements and immunity boosting drinks. So what’s the alternative? Going natural and staying positive is the key.

Don’t Stress Yourself

We understand that staying in isolation is the hardest. Not being able to go to work, shopping, partying, gym, and even to your neighbor’s house is pretty frustrating. Although the situation is quite alarming, we have to save ourselves from getting into depression, anxiety and other mental issues. They could be deteriorating for your health and immune system.

In fact, Psychologists are suggesting people to stay engaged. Our health experts are also in the favor and this is why, we have made a list of a few things that you can do at home which will keep stress away from you.

Consider this time a gift, you can spend it on all the things you wanted to do but couldn’t because of your tight schedule. Clean your home, cook healthy meals, draw something, write a story, make a call to your parents and spend time with your children. Basically just make a list of activities for every day.


Eating a healthy, balanced and vitamins enriched diet will not just boost your immunity but will also keep you from gaining all those extra pounds while you are quarantined. So make sure you include all those fruits, vegetables, fiber-enriched in your diet.

Also, try to consume lesser oil in your foods, go for organic recipes.


This one is tricky. This isolation period is good for you to train your body for workouts at home. But you have to be very careful in choosing them.

Choose exercises that don’t involve rigorous motions. It is important to understand that exercise boost your immune system but not at the cost of damaging your organs. If a workout is too strenuous for you, it’s better to not go with it.

Instead choose cycling machine, rope skipping, pushups and similar exercises for slowly building the muscles and strength.


Now that you have all the time in the world, use it to get some quality sleep. According to doctors, a good night sleep is essential for immunity boost.

As a general rule, 8 hours sleep is the adequate amount of sleep adults should take every day. However, there are people who need more sleep depending on different factors. Also, sleeping time for children could be more, so make sure to let them sleep more while they can.

No Smoking

Well, if you have been thinking about quitting, this is the time. It’s crucial that you don’t smoke as smokers are more vulnerable to the infections.

And last but not the least, stay home, stay safe. We encourage you to keep your distance from your loved ones for the sake of their health. We hope that we’ll soon come out of this with better health and high spirits, till then, take very good care of yourself.