Getting a gastric sleeve surgery can sound daunting. You may wonder how long it’s going to take? Will the doctor give me anesthesia? How long will I be unconscious? And finally, when will I get back home? We talked to our experts, and here’s what they said.

Pre-Surgery Time

First thing’s first, it is essential that you reach the hospital/weight loss center two hours before the time of your surgery. It’s the preparation time for the surgical staff. They can run things by you and get you ready for the procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Time

Most patients are concerned about the time of the actual procedure. The surgery itself takes around an hour and a half. The process starts once you are put under general anesthesia, and ends when you are taken out of the OT and to the recovery room. In general, gastric surgery is a rather simple and fast process.

Initial Recovery Phase

Once you start gaining consciousness and become aware of your surroundings slowly, your recovery process starts. The initial recovery phase is of two hours and during this time, your doctor will closely monitor you.

Hospital Stay

Most patients are asked to stay one to two nights at the hospital. During their stay, doctors observe them closely and ensure that everything is going as planned.

After a couple of nights, patients will be discharged with a set of instructions, a post-op care guide, and medications. In most cases, patients get back to work as early as in 5 to 6 days. However, doctors suggest their patients follow the safety instructions and allow their bodies to recover in an optimal environment.

We hope that this article helped you in getting your answers regarding gastric sleeve surgery. But if you still have questions and concerns that you need to get addressed before getting on the operation table, feel free to book your free bariatric consultation with Dr. Wadiwala today!

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