Gastric sleeve cost in Houston:

Bariatric surgeries have become quite common globally and by far, the most popular one in the US is a gastric sleeve. Today, we are going to through some light on gastric sleeve cost in Houston.

A gastric sleeve is a great option for patients who are at risk of developing health issues related to obesity such as sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases, infertility, stroke, and type-2 diabetes. However, the treatment is recommended only when patients have tried to lose weight via diet, exercise, or other common methods and still couldn’t succeed.

In a gastric sleeve surgery, the surgeon removes a large portion of the stomach to reduce its size. After the procedure, patients have to follow a nutritional guide in order to recover efficiently, lose weight and maintain it.

Despite being a popular treatment, gastric sleeve cost in Houston varies. In fact, the difference is not just in Houston but overall, in the US as well. Although the prices range between $9, 500 to $26, 850, the average national cost for a gastric sleeve in the US, is $16, 750.

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of a gastric sleeve. Let’s explore them one by one.


The cost for a gastric sleeve in the US depends a lot on the place where it’s been performed. Below is a list of locations with average costs for gastric sleeve surgery.

  • Texas, Houston_____________ $8, 500 – $13, 300
  • Tampa, Florida ___________ $9,420 – $15, 840
  • Detroit Michigan ___________ $9,420 – $15, 950
  • Baltimore, Maryland___________ $9, 560 – $ 16, 390
  • Seattle, Washington ___________ $10,450 – $18, 350
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota ___________ $10,500 – $22,550
  • San Diego, California ___________ $10,500 – $22,550
  • St. Louis, Missouri ___________ $10, 260– $17, 710
  • San Francisco, California ___________ $11, 340 – $ 24, 310
  • Denver, Colorado___________ $ 11,400 – $18, 150
  • Boston, Massachusetts _______ $12,320 – $26, 510

Type of facility

Another crucial factor is the type of facility which you’ve chosen for your gastric sleeve. An in-patient facility or a hospital charges a lot more than an outpatient or private surgery facility.

On average, gastric sleeve cost in an in-patient facility in the US costs around $23, 990. Meanwhile, the average cost for the same surgery at an outpatient facility is $14, 590.

Insured Or Uninsured

While calculating the cost of a gastric sleeve, you might also have to check your insurance plan. The cost for your surgery can be very different depending on how much of the procedure your insurance plan covers. If your insurance doesn’t cover a bariatric procedure, you’ll have to pay for the whole procedure, the full cost, out of your pocket. You can expect to pay almost $3000 more if your insurance plan doesn’t cover a gastric sleeve.

Post-Op Visits

Once your surgeon has performed your surgery, you’ll be asked to make follow-up visits. You’d have to come to see your doctor every other week and then once you’ve recovered, you’ll have to visit after 6 weeks. It’s best to ask your doctor if the total cost includes the fees for these visits or not. If these visits are not included, your gastric sleeve surgery might be more expensive for you than you thought.

What Should You Check Before Opting for A Gastric Sleeve?

Book A Bariatric Consultation

Talk to your doctor and discuss everything in detail before the surgery. Ask about all the costs, including prescriptions, follow-up visits, nutritional guides, etc.

Inquire and take notes of every fee, write them down so that you don’t end up paying more than the expected total amount.

Outpatient Facility

It’s best to ask your surgeon if they are going to perform the surgery in an outpatient facility as it would lower the cost drastically.

Potential Complications and Expenses

You must ensure that you know what to expect if your doctor encounters a complication during surgery and what will it cost.

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