Some insurance companies may require a pre-surgical diet program as part of the criteria that must be met before qualifying for weight loss surgery. This may entail a three to six–month program that includes consulting with a registered dietitian on healthy eating and the type of lifestyle changes required following weight loss surgery. The program focuses on exercise, healthy food selection and meal planning as well as behavior modification. The pre–surgical diet program is intended to: Assess diet history and develop a personalized plan for improving nutrition and dietary habits prior to surgery. Educate and prepare for the nutrition and lifestyle changes required for life following bariatric surgery. Establish patient responsibility in diet and lifestyle choices by closely monitoring progress while empowering patients. Require demonstrated nutrition and behavior changes at the end of the three or six month program Your bariatric surgeon may also order a pre–surgical nutrition program if weight loss is required prior to surgery – time frame and/or weight loss goals determined by the surgeon and based on each patient’s particular situation.