When it comes to our bodies, they are similar but quite unique, especially body fat. Some people might have more fat than others but the real question is, is it just a matter of consuming more calories than others or is there something else too?

Well, according to top nutritionists, there are several other factors that can affect the body’s composition. At Houston Weight Loss, our experts consider the following elements as the most crucial ones in fat accumulation.


Genetics play the most important role in your build. Some people have more tendency to have more fat than others. Longer legs and larger trunks mean you are likely to get lesser fat accumulated.


Once you surpass the milestone of 30, your body starts acting weird. All that lean body mass turns into fat increase. The real reason is muscle loss. This is why, people who keep exercising even after their 30’s can stay healthy and fit while preventing fat increase.


Hormones also play a crucial role in fat storage. Women are essentially fatter than men because they possess a 12% higher fat storage than men which is only 3%. This factor also affects the body shape.


Lower estrogen levels such as in Menopause means lesser energy consumption, all these could less to body fat.

Physical Activity

The type of physical activity you choose determines a lot about body fat. However, it is important to choose an exercise that supports muscle mass while eliminating fat.

Moreover, one must realize that exercise without proper intake of sufficient calories can harm your body more than good. You must maintain your calories for reducing body fat.


The amount of sedentary time we have now is what we never had. And that’s also something that plays an important part in body fat. So the more you rest, the more you get body fat.


A balanced diet is what keeps your body fat at bay. Too much of carbs, fats or sweets are damaging but you must understand where you have to draw the line.

For all of the above, you just can’t let fate decide what’s good for you. If you really want to know more on how you can have a healthy, fit and active body than you need expert advice. Call us and get in touch with our nutrition specialists today!

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