Making the important decision of going through a bariatric process is a challenge in itself. But once you have gotten rid of all the stubborn fat, an active lifestyle is something you need to follow. Getting back to an exercise routine after bariatric surgery isn’t that easy, besides, you don’t know which path you should choose. However, the substantial benefits of moderate physical activities help in weight loss management through better metabolic rate and lesser fat accumulation. At Houston Weight Loss, we can plan an exercise regimen for you considering your health, your bariatric procedure and your personal goals.

Where To Start?

Although most patients are used to more of a sedentary lifestyle, generally and particularly due to their body mass, doctors encourage them to start slow or moderate paced walking prior the surgery.

But once they undergo the surgery, they must start their physical workout routine with walking 15 to 20 minutes a day. Depending on the procedure, patients are supposed to follow this routine after 20 to 25 days of surgery. They can gradually increase their pace and duration without getting uncomfortable. In extreme weather conditions, a treadmill is the best option that can be used for walking indoors. Ideally, if the patients can stick to 40 to 60minutes walk per day, they are doing great.

Gaining Momentum

It is crucial that rigorous physical activities are avoided until the surgery heals fully. You cannot risk getting injuries or incisions while lifting weights. The best strategy is to involve in more complex activities after 6 weeks of surgery.


Go with your mood, choose activities that lift your spirits. Gentle yoga exercise calm your mind and keep your body fit. Aerobics and dancing classes are also favorites of many. Once your doctor allows you, you can also go for cycling, even on a small hike as well. The only secret here is to do what really makes you feel happy and only follow a routine to which you can adhere to in the long run. Also, you can hire a personal trainer too so that you can feel motivated all the time.

Seek Expert’s Advice

You may feel like you can do this on your own but weight loss experts can save you from a lot of trouble. At Houston Weight Loss, our certified professionals can guide you and create an exercise plan for you which you can easily follow. And most importantly, you won’t have to worry about finding the balance, because they will take care of it.

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