We live in a society where everything is measured by certain rules and standards set by the society itself. But in the US, targeting obesity for body shaming and not considering it a health issue is actually quite disturbing, especially for teens. Although, the problem is equally damaging for adults with its long term effects, both physical and psychological.

The Situation Is Alarming

The statistics are horrifying when it comes to the decimating effects of eating disorders and the people who are already affected by them. Eating disorders in the early age can increase the chances of different diseases in the adult years. These conditions can include Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, Heart diseases and several others.

How Can We Change The Situation?

Eating habits are largely linked with weight issues, and this is how we all perceive the phenomena, so much so that we are accustomed to making comments on an obese person on the basis of their diets, to which they ultimately react by going on diets and fasting routines leading to nothing else but an abnormal weight gain. Thankfully, the American Academy of Pediatrics has given some specifically positive instructions for dealing with obesity and eating disorders.

  • Stay positive and spread positive awareness about a balanced diet.
  • Never embarrass kids or youngsters by discussing their weight or obesity in front of others.
  • Encourage children to eat a healthy and nutritious meal instead of going on diets.
  • Motivate them to engage in physical activities for better health and overall fitness instead of weight loss.

All these can help them immensely. And the most important thing, the youngsters will understand to make positive changes for a better outcome in the journey of life.

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