Getting a surgery is tricky, regardless of the type, you always have to weigh your options. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one such surgery. Going for a full conventional or mini tuck depends upon a lot of things.

When it comes to tummy tuck, there are two top reasons for which patients choose it. Either it’s the post-pregnancy fat around your lower abdomen which you can’t get rid of, even after diet and exercise or it’s the post workout lose skin and stubborn fat that lingers around your belly. At Houston Weight Loss, our experts believe that apart from the reasons, there are several other factors that should be considered. And for the evaluation, you must meet a plastic surgeon and discuss your options.

Am I The Right Candidate?

In order to get the answer to this question, you’ll have to set an appointment with a plastic surgeon. He or she will conduct an interview, view your previous medical history, your BMI, and so on. Also, they’ll provide you with a manual of instructions and precautions that you will have to follow before undergoing the process.

Some of the most common instructions associated with the process are as follows:

  • Taking another try at diet and physical activities to reduce the fat or tone the stomach area.
  • Restriction on certain medications.
  • No smoking before and after two weeks of the procedure.

Does Tummy Tuck Really Work?

Well, it is important to understand the after-effects of a tummy tuck so that you can see that your expectations are not unrealistic. You can expect to see the following after a tummy tuck.

  • Stronger Abdominal Muscles
  • Toned Contoured Stomach And Belly
  • Slimmer Body
  • Increased Confidence (when you feel good in your body, you start feeling confident)

The Recovery

Like any other surgery, the recovery is a very crucial part of the process, your body has to adept to new changes and it requires more than just medications.

Lose Shorts/Panties

First of all, you must wear lose shorts or panties so they don’t mess with your incisions. Your wound should heal quickly but with incisions, it can take some time, the best you can do is not add any hindrance to the process.

Fruits and Juices

To keep your immune system strong, you must increase your intake of fresh fruits and juices.

Antibacterial Soap Or Body Wash

Make sure that you keep your wounds free from germs, harmful chemicals etc. as it can lead to infection and pus. An antimicrobial body wash can help in this regard.


Make sure that you don’t get constipated during your recovery phase. Your wounds are tight and they are not meant to take any internal pressure. So keep taking mild laxatives in order to keep your gut healthy and smooth.

Frozen Peas Or Icepack

Another common issue that most patients face is the swelling around the incisions. You can use icepacks and pack of frozen peas to reduce the swelling. The cooling effect can also help the muscle toning.

If you think you are a good candidate for tummy tuck, you can come and discuss your options with our experts. For booking a free bariatric consultation, contact us today!

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