A good night sleep is everybody’s dream, no matter how ironic it sounds, it is true. Almost half of the American population face difficulty in sleeping and has described their sleep quality as poor or in other words unsatisfactory. According to multiple studies, sleep deprivation is higher in obese people as compared to those with a normal BMI.

Sleep And Metabolism

It is a known fact that sleep is directly related to your metabolic rate. The better you sleep, the better your metabolism. But when you are on a restricted calories diet, as in after your bariatric surgery, you need to focus more on sleep hygiene for metabolism regulation and balanced chemical reactions in the body.

Hormonal Imbalance

Insufficient sleep can affect hormones, especially the ones that are essential for cell regeneration and recovery such as the Growth Hormone. Studies have proven that Growth Hormones are only secreted when a person goes in his deep sleep. Growth Hormones are crucial for patients recovering from bariatric procedures since they enhance muscle healing and cell regeneration.

Another significant hormone known as cortisol or stress hormone increases stress. Higher cortisol levels give rise to ghrelin, another hormone that causes hunger. And cortisol levels rise with sleep deprivation subsequently hindering the weight loss and management post bariatric surgeries.


Other side effects of insufficient sleep include lack of focus, hypertension, cognitive disturbances and digestive problems. It can also affect your mood in more than one ways and increases risk of chronic diseases.

Ideal Sleep

Although there’s no set duration for everyone but a 7 to 9 hours sleep is considered best for people on average.

Ways To Get Better Sleep

  • Avoid Naps to get better and continuous sleep at night.
  • Indulge in exercise and physical activities to ensure better sleep at night.
  • Don’t take heavy meals at night, acid reflux can upset your stomach and therefore would affect your sleep.
  • Do yoga and meditation to calm your senses and through muscle relaxation, you are more likely to sleep better.

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