Does Running help you lose weight?

If a slim and fit body is your ultimate dream, you are not alone. Losing weight is one thing but building better muscles, more stamina and an overall energy and vigor in your body are things you certainly wish for. When it comes to the methods and their effectivity for weight loss, physical activities remain on the top. Although physical activities alone cannot bring upon a change in your body unless you limit your food intake, they are still capable of aiding in weight loss.

Now hitting the gym may seem the only solution for weight loss but this is in fact not TRUE. Running, and especially, rigorous running has proven to be extremely beneficial for weight loss. Unlike popular belief, running has benefitted numerous people in reaching their desired weight loss goals. According to a study published in a recent journal, intense running cannot only help you lose weight but can also keep it away from you for long.

How Does Running Help You Lose Weight?

To answer it factually, we have the reference of a 2012 study, in which more than 33000 participants took part. The results showed that runners in contrast with the non-runners had a 9.5 % more weight loss. Moreover, 19 times more BMI reductions were recorded in both genders who were runners.

Taking the stats as the base, we can safely assume that running is helpful. At Houston Weight Loss, our experts also encourage patients to engage in physical activities like running, jogging and the like. Running, in our view, is a better option than most other workouts on the basis of the following factors:

It’s Convenient

It literally takes no accessory, no accomplice and no equipment to go out for a run. Running is the most convenient activity and you can go for a run in the morning or evening according to your choice and ease.


The only thing that you’d need for a good run are good shoes. The best part, there are plenty available on the market. Most of the running shoes are comfortable and you can even shop them after discussing it with the salesperson or your trainer, coach etc.


Going to the park for a walk offers a good view, an even better environment for breathing fresh air and while you can meet other runners on the track, you can also get motivation from them.

Overall Fitness

Apart from losing weight from running, you’ll start to feel fit after sticking to a good running routine. With an overall better health, your weight loss process will bring more benefits for your body.


Running keeps your blood and sugar levels at bay. Although it may seem likely that you’ll feel more hungry after running but that will not happen. On the contrary, your appetite will be limited, in accordance with your physical needs.

How Much Weight Loss Can I expect with Running?

Well, to get the answer to that, you must try. But at Houston Weight Loss, we believe that intense running requires more than just devotion. Running exerts pressure on your joints which require you to run after consulting with your doctors.

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