Can Bariatric Surgery Help With Sleep Apnea

Being overweight, you face many troubles. Sleep apnea can be one of them. In fact, millions of Americans are obese and suffer from many chronic illnesses including sleep apnea. The problem with this chronic illness, however, is that it can go undetected for so long. But unfortunately, it is a serious condition that can even result in a premature death. This is why, treating it is crucial for the patient’s health and safety.

What Is Sleep Apnea

When a person goes to sleep, their back throat muscles, also known as oropharynx, relax and blocks the upper airways. This causes disruption in breathing, thereby jolting the person awake. The disorder is known as Sleep apnea and it can continue to occur night after night and ultimately affecting the patient’s health as they feel tired and sleep deprived.

How Can Bariatric Surgery Help With Sleep Apnea?

By losing 10 to 20% of their body weight, patients can lower their Apnea-Hypopnea score up to 25%. On the other hand, with a weight loss surgery, patients can lower the score to around 70%. They can see improvements in their symptoms, sleep parameters and require lesser external help such as the need and pressure of CPAP in OSA patients with morbid obesity.

What Are The Common Weight Loss Surgeries?

Two of the most common weight-loss surgeries include:

Gastric Bypass Surgery

In Gastric bypass, doctors shrink down your stomach by re-routing your digestive tract. It is done so that you absorb lesser food and ultimately consume lesser calories.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

With Gastric sleeve surgery, your stomach is reduced to a smaller size while the surgeon carefully removes the part with the Hunger hormone, known as Ghrelin. With a gastric sleeve, patient feel less hungry and feel satiated for longer.

Since obesity is directly linked with Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA, weight-loss surgeries can be highly beneficial for patients with this condition.

If you or any of your loved ones is obese and have sleep apnea, a treatment is more than essential. For free bariatric consultation, you can contact us right away. We can also help you with post-bariatric care including meal planning and establishing a healthy exercise regimen.

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