One of the greatest misconceptions that people have before meeting a weight loss doctor is that they can only help patients through bariatric surgeries for weight loss. However, contrary to common belief, weight loss specialists can help with not just non-surgical treatments but can also provide assistance with diet plans, workout regimens and post treatment care as well.

At Houston Weight Loss, our services include both surgical and non-surgical treatments for patients including:

Surgical Treatments

Surgical treatments are exclusive for patients who experience difficulty losing excessive weight despite regular diets and exercise. For such patients, acquiring their desired results is only possible through surgical treatments.

Our offered bariatric surgeries include:

Sleeve gastrectomy


Gastric bypass

Revision Bariatric Surgery


Non-surgical Treatments

One of the most famous non-surgical treatments offered at Houston Weight Loss, is Gastric Balloon. The process includes placing a gastric balloon inside the patient’s stomach for 6 months. During the program, the patient is asked to follow the suggested diet plan along with an exercise routine. Under the observation of Dr. Wadiwala, an evaluation team makes sure that the patient follow the plan with unshaken and uninterrupted consistency.

The main focus of the gastric balloon treatment is to encourage the patient to make lifestyle changes and achieve portion control.

Since the process takes only half an hour, patients are allowed to go back home the very same day. This minimally invasive program is considered ideal for patients with a BMI of 30 to 40.


Other Services

Houston Weight Loss prides itself with several programs which help patients in weight loss and weight management. This includes:

Bariatric Consultation

Meal Planners

Exercise Regimen

Candidacy Evaluation

Post-Surgical Advice


If you have been told by someone to consider weight loss surgery and you live in Houston Texas, you can book an appointment with our weight loss specialist Dr. Wadiwala through our free bariatric consultation. Moreover, if you don’t have enough information and want to get answers to your questions regarding weight loss surgeries and post-surgical care, get in touch with Dr. Wadiwala and his team of experts today. We are ready to provide you with any guidance and support that you’d need for a successful weight loss journey.

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