Your belly fat won’t let you fit in your favorite jeans but that’s not the only reason you should be considered about that muffin top. According to multiple research results, belly fat puts your health in grave danger.

Belly Fat And Heart Health

A study was published in the Journal of American Heart Association a couple of years ago. Among the 50,000 participants who were aged between 40 to 69, those who had more weight around their waist were at a 10 to 20% greater risk of having a heart attack. The results also showed that women with greater hip to waist measurement were at a greater risk in comparison with men. Interestingly, it was also found that greater hip to waist ratio was a bigger threat for heart attacks than an overall higher BMI.

Regardless of gender, what really needs to be analyzed here is the fact that weight gain in the middle area means that you have more visceral fat which encloses your internal organs. Studies suggest that this very fat is linked to diabetes and heart diseases risk.

So What Should Be Done?

At Houston Weight Loss, Dr. Wadiwala says that the key to keeping that belly fat from growing is checking on your overall weight. There is no other way to do that. Although women in their older age and menopause tend to gain more weight around their waistline, they can only keep it from occurring by making lifestyle changes. This includes changes in diet as well as in physical activities. It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle translates into obesity.

Move More

Life is busy, schedules are tight but that’s no excuse. Whatever activity you can squeeze in your routine is great. Whether it’s a half hour walk in the evening, a 20 minutes cardio in the morning or strength training in your own room, you must move. Regular physical activities are essential for keeping you fit even if they don’t help you lose fit but they can surely help you maintain it. Moreover, regulating blood and sugar levels through physical activities is always recommended and it makes you feel better too.

What To Do If I Still Can’t Lose Belly Fat?

Unfortunately, some people are more prone to belly fat than others. And despite all their efforts, they still can’t seem to get that weight off of their waistline. For such patients, laparoscopic surgery can help. Removing stubborn fat from stomach, arms, legs, and buttocks can be done for patients facing difficulty in losing weight. Bariatric surgeries may be called the last resort but they are highly effective in helping patients kickstart their weight loss and weight management journey.

However, it is crucial to see an expert before making the choice. At Houston Weight Loss, we offer free bariatric consultation. All you have to do is just make that call.

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