Weight loss surgeries are not new. They sure have become utterly popular these days but they have been in practice since the 60’s. The major difference, however, between the older procedures and the modern ones is the complexity. At Houston Weight Loss, Dr. Wadiwala believes that if you have any doubts or concerns regarding a weight loss surgery, it is best for you to get a detailed insight of how these surgeries were performed earlier and how technological advancement has changed them.

Open Surgeries

Unlike today, bariatric surgeries performed in the 60’s were open surgeries. Even though with large incisions, these surgeries offered better view to doctors and ensured maximum precision, they had many major drawbacks.

Larger incisions required longer period of time to recover. There are always scars left behind no matter how great the surgeon is. Moreover, bleeding, rashes, swelling and other side effects could also occur. Today, many of such surgeries are minimally invasive. Take Gastric bypass for instance, it is now a minimally invasive procedure but in the past, a large incision was made to perform the surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery

After years of meticulous surgeries involving complex and large tools, doctors finally came to understand the need of an easier procedure, known as laparoscopy. Instead of large incisions, multiple smaller incisions are made in laparoscopy. Instruments used in this type of surgery are smaller, thinner and precise. Also, a tiny camera is inserted to view the inner details of the organs, so as to ensure accuracy without making larger cuts.

Laparoscopy is safer, requires lesser time to recover and patients can get back to daily activities quickly. Scarring is also limited and the procedure pose no serious after effect threats.

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At Houston Weight Loss, we have several other minimally invasive options available for our patients including sleeve gastrectomy. In some rare cases, we do perform the open bariatric surgeries but for that, patients have to come and meet us in person. If you are looking for the answers about your candidacy, we encourage you to book your free bariatric consultation with us today!

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